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Qasja në dokumente publike

For public institutions

The public institution at the time of registration of the request for access to public documents is obliged to issue a decision within seven (7) days for permission to access the required document, or to issue a reasoned decision for full or partial refusal. and must inform the applicant of the means of appeal. This period may be extended for a maximum of fifteen (15) additional days, as determined by law.

The public institution must, before making a decision on the full or partial rejection of the application, must conduct a test of the damage and the public interest.

The silence or non-response of the public institution within the deadline set by this law, is considered a negative response and entitles the applicant to follow the procedures on administrative appeal and court proceedings.

All public institutions are obliged to appoint the unit or an official responsible for access to public documents.

If the request is unclear and cannot identify the required public document, then the public institution should ask the applicant to clarify the request by assisting the applicant to do so.

If the request is made verbally by the applicant, the official responsible for access to public documents of the public institution is obliged to draft a written request to proceed further.

If the public institution does not possess the required document, but has knowledge of the other institution that possesses the required document, it must within five (5) working days from the moment of receipt of the request by the applicant inform him and instruct him to to the institution which possesses the document.

If the public institution does not possess the required document, but also has no knowledge of which public institution possesses it, it should immediately but not later than within seven (7) days inform the applicant about this and instruct him to addressed to the Agency.

The public institution must address the requests for access to public documents, or for the reuse of public documents, promptly and in accordance with the principle of objectivity and impartiality in accordance with the relevant Law on General Administrative Procedure.

Public institutions have the right to set fees which are charged to the applicant for copying public documents, fees which are determined according to Regulation no. 02/2012/MF on Public Access Fees.