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Mbrojtja e të dhenave


Personal data - any information about an identified physical person
or identifiable (“data subject”); an identifiable physical person is one who, can be identified directly or indirectly, especially by referring to an identifier based on a name, an identification number, location data, an online identifier, or one or more factors. specific to the physical, psychological, genetic, mental, economic, cultural or social identity of that physical person;

Processing - any action or series of actions performed against personal data by automatic or non-automatic means, such as: collection, registration, organization, structuring, storage, adaptation or alteration, withdrawal, consultation, use, publication through transmission, distribution or provision, unification or combination, restriction, deletion or disposal;

Processing restriction - marking personal data stored for the purpose of restricting their processing in the future;

Classification of personal data - marking of personal data to show their sensitive nature. For classified data, the conditions under which the user can process them must be specified. Classification must remain attached to sensitive personal data until its deletion, disposal, destruction or anonymity;

Profiling - any form of automatic processing of personal data that consists of the use of personal data to assess personal aspects about a physical person, especially to analyze or predict aspects related to the progress of the person at work, economic situation, his health, personal preferences, interests, reliability, behavior, location or movements;

    - the processing of personal data in such a way that personal data do not continue to be referred to a particular data subject without the use of additional information, provided that this additional information is kept separate and subject to measures. technical and organizational to ensure that personal data does not refer to an identified or identifiable physical person;

File system catalog - detailed description of the structure and content of file systems;

Register of file systems - register, which enables a detailed overview of file systems;

File system - a structured set of personal data that is accessible in accordance with specific, centralized, decentralized or distributed criteria on a functional or geographical basis;

Link code - personal identification number or any other special identification number, defined by law, regarding the person, which number can be used to detect or retrieve personal data from file systems, in which, also processed connecting code;

Data controller - any fiscal or legal person from the public or private sector who individually or together with others determines the purposes and ways of processing personal data;

Data processor - any fiscal or legal person, from the public or private sector, who processes personal data for and on behalf of the data controller;