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Privacy Policy

This notice of privacy policies is made in accordance with Law no. 06 / L-082 on the protection of personal data, informing you that AIP collects your personal data only for certain purposes to perform activities under official authority.
We have set security measures to ensure that your data is being processed securely.
Below we provide you with some general information about personal data processing on our website. Specific information regarding AIP processing activities in addition to those related to this website will be provided separately.
This website will contain various links to other websites. Our privacy policies will only apply to the Agency's website, which recommends that you read the privacy policies of their sites.
We may update our privacy policy from time to time. For such an update, we will notify you of any changes by posting the new Privacy Policy on this site.
We advise you to periodically review this Privacy Policy for any changes and changes to this Privacy Policy are effective when they are posted on this site.

Your personal data and our website

At a time when the development of technology is in use by a large mass of citizens, the AIP website is a very important tool to communicate with citizens. On the Agency's website, we publish our work by publishing: guidelines, recommendations, AIP decisions, various tips, opinions and we publish news on the rights and obligations arising from both laws which are under our supervision as the Law Nr. 06 / L-081 on Access to Public Documents and Law no. 06 / L-082 on Personal Data Protection.
Some of the services provided on our website require the processing of your personal data. The main processing is done at the moment when the citizens decide to exercise the right to complain through our website by clicking on the Complaints box.

The data category we process

We currently collect and process data such as: name, surname, personal number, address, phone number.

How we process your data and for what purpose

We process the personal data collected on our website for the following purposes:
- when you send us a request or complaint through our website or by other means, only for the purpose of managing this complaint request;
- to enable you to access our website. We only use technical session cookies to find out if the user supports JavaScript or not, for more on using cookies, please click on the link around Cookies; and
- we do not use your data again for any other purpose other than that stated. We will never distribute your personal data for direct marketing purposes.
Under the terms of the law, we may disclose your data to third parties who are authorized by specific law (law enforcement authorities) if this is necessary and proportionate for legitimate and specific purposes.
As a rule, we do not keep your personal data for longer than is necessary for the purposes for which we collected it. We may retain your personal data for a longer period of time for historical or statistical purposes with appropriate safeguards.

The right one

You have the right to base the Sipas Ligjit for the Ministry of Human Resources and the staff for the staff of the AIP.
Where the staff of the AIP, the staff of the AIP, may have the right to provide the following:
You can do this right now, but you can't help it, you can't do it, you can't do it again, but you can't do it again.
You have the right to do the same (‘the right for the harp’) to do the right thing and the world to do the right thing in the future.
You don't have to worry about the situation, you don't have to worry about the situation, but the situation is very specific to me.
You have to be able to communicate with the people who are communicating with you, and you will be able to help them.
You can use the device to control the machine (or use the machine) to stop it, if you want to use it.
You can take the right to standardize the staff in the standard format to increase the transfer and control it (transfer and transfer).
You can get to the right place in the future if you don't want to go to the right place.

How to exercise your data protection rights in AIP

If AIP processes your personal data and you wish to exercise your data protection rights, please send us a written request to our offices, by e-mail at: info.aip@rks-gov.net or by posting on an envelope closed at the address: Agency for Information and Privacy, Str “Zejnel Salihu”, No. 22, Prishtina, 10000, Kosovo.
In principle, we cannot accept verbal requests (telephone or face-to-face) regarding the protection of personal data in AIP, as we must deal with your request to analyze it in advance and identify you with credibility. Your request must contain a detailed and accurate description of the data in which you wish to use. When there are reasonable doubts about your identity, you may be asked to provide a copy of a document that helps us verify your identity. It can be any document such as your identity card or passport. All your data will only be used to verify your identity and will not be stored for longer than required for this purpose.