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Mission and Vision

Agency for Information and Privacy, having independent status, has the legal responsibility for overseeing the implementation of the rules on the protection of personal data and access to public documents.

Advising public and private bodies, making decisions on complaints, inspections and audits, informing the public, and promoting and upholding fundamental rights to personal data protection and access to public documents are part of the Agency's core mission.

In order to fulfill its mission, according to the strategy, the Agency aims to achieve the following objectives: Awareness of citizens about the right to protection of personal data and privacy and access to public documents; Supervising the legality of data processing through inspections and controls as well as controlling the provision of access to public documents by public institutions; Deepening cooperation and coordination of work with other bodies and institutions, as well as with international mechanisms and institutions, in order to protect and promote the right to protection of personal data and privacy and access to public documents; Professional promotion of the Agency's staff, full functioning of the organizational structure, as well as providing additional work spaces; Notification and awareness campaign for public opinion through relevant activities; Holding meetings, conferences; Regional cooperation and signing of agreements of regional and international character in the field of personal data protection; Opportunities for the implementation of the Law on Personal Data Protection and the Law on Access to Public Documents intertwined with raising the awareness of citizens by cooperating closely with local and international authorities, civil society and in designing and implementing various projects such as IPA - TAIEX

International cooperation on the issue of personal data protection is an important part of the permanent mission of the Agency, given the priority of the Government of the Republic of Kosovo for European integration.