The Commissioner represents the Information and Privacy Agency at the Conference

Prishtina, December 10, 2021

Commissioner Mrs. Krenare Sogojeva Dermaku participated in the conference “Protection of Digital Transformation in the Region; Digital Agenda, Data Protection and Good Governance ” organized by Open Data Kosovo.

Invited as part of the panel to discuss the topic ‘Addressing the importance of data protection as a region’ Commissioner Mrs. Sogojeva Dermaku, spoke about the importance of personal data protection when using digital platforms in the context of the rapid changes that society is undergoing as a result of general digitalization.

Among others, Mrs. Sogojeva Dermaku stressed that the rapid development of technologies in all sectors, increases the need and amount of use of personal data making issues and data protection more sensitive.

Therefore, seeing this development, the Information and Privacy Agency is following the trend of these developments with special care, and is working hard to establish appropriate legal mechanisms in this regard, she added.

At the end of the discussion, Mrs. Sogojeva Dermaku, stressed that “A greater cooperation of the authorities for the protection of personal data in the Balkans, to address the issues we are facing, will serve our countries and will be a better reflection of the efforts to convince developed countries to see us as a serious partner in this regard. “