MEDIA REPORT for the year 2021



The Agency for Information and Privacy during 2021, respectively with the start of exercising full legal competencies and authorizations since July, has carried out activities in implementation of Law No. 06 / L-081 on Access to Public Documents and Law No. 06 / L-082 on Personal Data Protection, with a focus on:


Drafting and approval of secondary legislation for the implementation of the Law on Access to Public Documents and the Law on Personal Data Protection


– Approval of the Regulation on Internal Organization.

– Drafting regulations related to grievance redressal procedures in the access and protection pillar, how to conduct inspection and control, archiving and management of archival files, keeping records and reporting on access to public documents, international transfer of personal data, including the guide for proactive publication of public documents.

– Drafting standard reporting forms for violations of the right to information and privacy, with expertise provided by the Council of Europe Office in Pristina.


Promoting freedom of information and the right to privacy

– Realization of the training cycle for the practical implementation of the Law on Access to Public Documents for the officials responsible for access to public documents of central and local institutions about 120 participants and the practical implementation of the Law on Personal Data Protection for its protection officials personal data of public institutions and private controllers that are considered major data processors, such as the banking sector and the insurance sector about 135 participants. These trainings also provided case studies reviewed by representatives of civil society and the journalism community and were supported by the German organization GIZ.

– Implementation of the project to mark the International Day for Access to Universal Information, followed by informational and promotional activities throughout the week in the seven largest municipalities of Kosovo, which have included:

  • statistical research with citizens of seven regions for their knowledge of their right of access to public documents;
  • a roundtable discussion with guests from Public Institutions, civil society, journalism and international organizations;
  • promotion of the right of access and direct notification of citizens on the procedures for exercising their right of access to public documents, through appearances on television shows.

– Conducting five regional workshops in the field of personal data protection with public officials of Kosovo municipalities from the Department of Education, Health, Cadastre and Human Resources. These workshops, which provided information on the practical implementation of the Law on Personal Data Protection for about 80 municipal officials, were conducted with the support of the OSCE.


Overseeing the implementation of the law on access to public documents

During this period, 137 (one hundred and thirty seven) complaints were received in AIP, 110 one hundred and ten) of them were closed within the legal deadlines, while 27 (twenty seven) are in the review procedure.


Also, 31 (thirty one) legal advice on the implementation of the Law on Access to Public Documents was provided.


Overseeing the implementation of the law on personal data protection


In the field of data protection, AIP has overseen the implementation of the law on personal data protection through the review of complaints and requests addressed by citizens, public institutions and the private sector, as due to limited capacity has not realized ex officio inspections.


Number of cases handled during this period, mainly related to the processing of personal data through the camera surveillance system, processing of data of public officials, access to data of entities, processing of data for direct marketing , including international transfer, is:


– 22 (twenty two) – request for legal advice.

– 35 (thirty five) – complaints, 18 of which have been closed and 17 all three are in the process of being reviewed.

– 3 (three) – request for authorization of international transfer of personal data.


Regional cooperation


Participation of the Commissioner for Information and Privacy in the Regional Forum “Initiatives 2020” chaired by the Republic of Slovenia, in order to exchange regional knowledge and experiences between countries to address specific cases in the implementation of the right of access to public documents. The conference was attended by the leaders of the counterpart authorities of Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Montenegro and Macedonia.


Initiation of procedures for the negotiation of a memorandum of cooperation with the counterpart authorities from the Republic of Croatia and the Republic of Slovenia.

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