Poverenica Agencije održala je sastanak sa direktorom Osiguravajućeg društva „SIGMA“

Commissioner for Information and Privacy Mrs. Krenare Sogojeva Dërmaku, in the framework of the information campaign, met the Director of SIGMA Interalbanian Vienna Insurance Group, Mr. Genond Mesareja

Prishtina, 23 July

As one of the largest controllers and processors of personal data, the Agency for Information and Privacy, has continuously maintained contacts with insurance companies in Kosovo, to inform them of the obligations and responsibilities that these companies have to the Law on Personal Data Protection.

In this context, the purpose of the meeting was, in addition to being informed about the latest developments in the Information and Privacy Agency that the commissioner made for the director of SIGMA, also the latter, informed Mrs. Sogojeva for the concrete works that SIGMA Company is carrying out during this period, as well as the requirements that the company he leads has, regarding the transfer of data, the legal mandate of this data, in general with the recognition of the legal processing of personal data of citizens who, in one form or another are part of the company.

Among others, Mr. Valon Kryeziu, General Director of IPA stressed that “Citizens should be careful where they give their data, what types, amount of data, and for what purpose they will use. “Every individual has the right and should ask at all times from such companies, as well as from institutions, what is done with their data.”

On the other hand, companies need to guarantee the security of the data they process, he added.

At the end of the meeting, Mrs. Sogojeva Dërmaku thanked Mr. Genond Mesareja for cooperation and readiness in compliance with the Law on Personal Data Protection, and not only.

Office of Public Communication