Information and Privacy Agency Launched Awareness Campaign with Ministries

Prishtina, July 2021

After the election of the Commissioner for Information and Privacy, Mrs. Krenare Sogojeva Dërmaku, AIP has started the campaign of awareness meetings with the heads of all ministries.

These meetings have an informative and coordinating character, in order to disclose the obligations that each institution has for the implementation of the Law on Access to Public Documents and the Law on Personal Data Protection.

At the request of the Agency, part of the meetings with each ministry is the minister, the secretary-general, as well as the officials responsible for access to public documents and protection of personal data within the relevant ministry.

During the meetings, it will be proposed to decentralize the network of officials for access to public documents (where it is not being applied), in order to relieve the burden of a single access officer covering the entire ministry, often due to a secondary task. Appointing an official responsible for access to special public documents even in autonomous agencies would increase institutional transparency and relieve the burden of the existing CPD official in the ministry.

Institutions as controllers and processors of personal data will also be required to take concrete measures and actions for the implementation of legislation in processing and protecting personal data by harmonizing their legislation with the specific law, taking appropriate application measures to systems and programs so that personal data is processed securely, access to personal data is done according to the law until the creation of mechanisms that would be compatible. The empowerment and support that should be given to internal data protection officials will also be required, knowing that they can help the institutions with their advice, their recommendations to do data processing according to the legal regulations as defined.