The Information and Privacy Agency signs a Cooperation Agreement with the Academy of Justice

The Commissioner of the Information and Privacy Agency Mrs. Sogojeva – Dërmaku and Executive Director of the Academy of Justice Mr. Fejzullahu, sign a Cooperation Agreement in order to coordinate the activities of the two institutions they lead, in the field of advancing issues of mutual interest.

This cooperation agreement focuses on the training of judges, and state prosecutors of the Republic of Kosovo, as well as the training of judicial and prosecutorial administrative staff regarding the practical implementation of the Law on Personal Data Protection and the Law on Access to Public Documents. Through the implementation of this agreement, the two institutions expect to be able to assist the responsible officials in the judicial and prosecutorial system in the proper management of registers and data in accordance with the relevant laws.


Information and Privacy Commissioner, Mrs. Sogojeva – Dërmaku thanked the Executive Director Mr. Fejzullahu for the realization of this Cooperation Agreement and noted her expectations in the future.