The Information and Privacy Agency, represented by the General Director Ms. Lumnije Demi and the Head of the Division for Inspection and Control Mr. Kushtrim Mustafa, at the invitation of the Association of Municipalities of Kosovo, participated in the workshop on the digitalization of services at the municipal level and the strategic objectives of e-government.

During the workshop, the information technology officials of the Municipalities of the Republic of Kosovo were informed about the rights and obligations arising from the Law on Personal Data Protection during the processing of personal data and the obligations arising from the Law on Access to Public Documents.
The concerns raised by municipal officials are raising the level of awareness of municipal officials during the processing of personal data, as well as their rights and obligations under the two laws.
The General Director expressed the willingness of the Agency to cooperate with municipalities in providing advice and treatment to municipal officials to ensure the implementation of citizens’ right to access public documents and the protection of personal data, according to legal requirements.