The Information and Privacy Agency bans the Processing of Personal Data through Camera Surveillance at the Ministry of Health

After conducting the inspection procedures, on 26/05/2022, the Information and Privacy Agency has ascertained that the Ministry of Health, as a controller, has processed personal data through the camera surveillance system in violation of the criteria of the Law on Protection of Personal Data. Therefore, the Agency has issued Decision no. 116/2022, dated 06/06/2022, which obliged the Ministry to temporarily stop the processing of personal data through the camera surveillance system, as well as to destroy the data collected through this system until the date of acceptance of the decision. Also, the camera surveillance can only start after the completion of the legal provisions provided by the Law on Personal Data Protection.

Furthermore, the Ministry of Health is obliged that within eight ( 8 ) days from the receipt of the decision, to take all the necessary actions to implement the decision and to notify the Information and Privacy Agency, otherwise, the Agency will take penalty action provided by law.