Officials of Municipality of Dragash got Trained on Access to Public Documents

June 14th, 2022, Dragash

 A one-day training on practical implementation of the Law on Access to Public Documents by responsible units of Dragash Municipality was organized today with the support of OSCE Regional Office in Prizren.

Attendees of this training requested by Mr. Bexhet Xheladini, Mayor of Dragash Municipality, except for heads of organizational units of the municipality were also the two deputy mayors of this municipality.

To give a lecture on this subject matter and to answer questions of the attendees regarding the implementation of this law, OSCE had invited Mr. Jeton Arifi, Head of Access to Public Documents Department in the Information and Privacy Agency.

Attending officials of this summarized training on proactive publication of documents by the municipality, as well as respecting citizens’ right to be informed, except for the numerous questions asked to the lecturer from IPA, they shared their very good impression about the new information they had the chance to get directly from Mr. Arifi.