Commissioner of the Agency met with the President of the Assembly of Kosovo

The Commissioner for Information and Privacy, Krenare Sogojeva Dërmaku, was promised cooperation and institutional support by the President of the Assembly of Kosovo, Glauk Konjufca

 Prishtina, 13 July

After taking office as a commissioner at the Information and Privacy Agency, Mrs. Sogojeva Dërmaku, among her first priorities will be the realization of the information meetings campaign with the inter-institutional leaders, who will inform them about the situation of the Agency, the challenges that await it, the urgent requests for the re-functioning of this institution, as well as the obligations the institutions have about the implementation of the Law on Access to Public Documents and the Law on Personal Data Protection.

At the opening of this meeting, the President, Mr. Konjufca congratulated Mrs. Sogojeva Dërmaku for the new task, expressing the readiness for cooperation and continuous institutional support.

During the discussions, the commissioner highlighted the issues that the Agency has as a priority, as well as the projects that are expected to be implemented in the near future.

Finally, the President of Parliament, Mr. Konjufca suggested to the Commissioner of the Agency, the immediate start of information campaigns, in order to raise awareness of institutions and citizens regarding the protection of personal data and access to public documents.

Whereas, the Commissioner for Information and Privacy, thanking the President of the Assembly, Mr. Konjufca for the reception, added that the empowerment of the agency is a good news for the citizens, who, from now on will have the door open to address their concerns.

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