The Information and Privacy Agency conducted training for Kosovo Police and Police Inspectorate officials

The Agency for Information and Privacy, within the cycle of workshops organized in November, held a training for the officials of the Kosovo Police and the Police Inspectorate, where topics from various institutional aspects, powers, responsibilities and authorizations arising from relevant legislation for the Police, for the Police Inspectorate, and the Law on Personal Data Protection.
In the meeting, several issues related to the processing of data by Police officials within their authorizations, such as personal data of subjects who committed traffic offenses, the type and amount of data they process, the sharing of the data processed, were discussed. for criminal purposes, data processing through the camera surveillance system, legal criteria and principles of processing, processing activities, impact assessment, appropriate security measures to be taken and aspects relevant to the work done by Police officers and officials of the Police Inspectorate.
The participants asked many questions that were important for the work they perform in fulfilling the legal obligations and powers they have.
At the end of the meeting, it was agreed that such meetings will be organized in the future, which will contribute to the increase of inter-institutional cooperation, the raising of knowledge in the field of data processing carried out by the Kosovo Police and the Police Inspectorate.