The Information and Privacy Agency closed the Access to Public Documents Week with an informative discussion with organizations, businesses and citizens of the Prishtina region in support of the Civic Platform, with the aim of informing them about the scope of the IPA and deepening cooperation with relevant sectors

📣 Commissioner for Information and Privacy, Mrs. Krenare Sogojeva Drëmaku, as a panellist, gave a comprehensive overview of the topic, emphasizing in particular the importance of ensuring access to public documents, on the one hand, and on the other hand, the protection of personal data as essential aspects in strengthening transparency and raising of institutional accountability.
The President of the Chamber of Commerce of Kosovo, Mr. Lulzim Rafuna emphasized the importance of realizing these two rights for the private sector. He also presented the challenges and needs of private companies for data protection, namely in strengthening security measures. 💼🔍
📑 Legal expert, Mr. Qerkin Berisha presented the findings of the Legal Framework Analysis and Implementation in Practice for access to public documents and protection of personal data. Among other things, he emphasized the work and cooperation of the Agency with civil society organizations and the media towards strengthening transparency and accountability.
The event ended with an interactive discussion, where participants had the opportunity to ask questions about any ambiguity regarding access to public documents and the protection of personal data. The commissioner called on those present to encourage cooperation between civil society organizations, the media, and IPA to jointly promote the realization of these two rights. 🤝