The Information and Privacy Agency bans the processing of biometric data in the Regional Water Company “Hidrodrini”

The Information and Privacy Agency, on 27/05/2022, has conducted an inspection regarding the supervision of the legality of the processing of biometric data (facial features) in order to identify employees during their registration at the entrance-exit from work in the company Hidrodini.

In this case, after the completion of the inspection procedures, the Agency for Information and Privacy has issued a decision dated 06/06/2022, no. 118/2022, which bans the processing of biometric data, as well as obliged their deletion and destruction.

Therefore, the Information and Privacy Agency reminds you that Law no. 06 / L-082 on Personal Data Protection has determined that the processing of biometric data for the purpose of identifying a natural person in a unique way, is in principle prohibited. Therefore, this processing can only be done if it is necessarily required for the security of people, property, protection of confidential data, and business secrets, if this cannot be achieved by easier means and should be proportionate to the purpose of the placement.