The Commissioner for Information and Privacy Panelist at the CorrWatch Initiative Conference

At the invitation of GLPS, the Commissioner, Mrs. Krenare Sogojeva Dermaku, representing the Information and Privacy Agency, participated in the introductory panel of the conference: “From Transparency to Trust: Solutions for Fighting Corruption and Organized Crime at the Institutional Level”.
In her discussion, the Commissioner emphasized the importance of guaranteeing the right to access public documents, stressing that transparency and accountability are key components in the prevention of corruption that offers citizens the opportunity to be an active part of local government. This consequently results in better decision-making, increases communication between public bodies, citizens and civil society, and in particular emphasizes institutional integrity.
In the end, the Commissioner called for the promotion of cooperation between local government, citizens and civil society in order to increase institutional accountability and ensure that the rights of citizens are realized in an effective and transparent manner.