The agency bans camera surveillance of businesses in Pristina

18 March 2022, Pristina


The Information and Privacy Agency (IPA), in the framework of overseeing the implementation of Law no. 06 / L-082 on Personal Data Protection, has conducted ex officio inspections of a large number of controllers, 59 businesses, regarding the legitimacy of the processing of personal data, through the camera surveillance system.

During the inspection process, IPA inspectors found that most controllers applied camera surveillance that breaches the Law on Personal Data Protection, failing to meet the criteria set by law.

In all cases where it was found that the controller has installed a camera surveillance system in violation of legal provisions, IPA has issued a decision to temporarily stop the processing of personal data through camera surveillance and destruction of data collected through this system, until the date of receipt of the decision. Camera surveillance can start after meeting the criteria under the provisions of the Law on Personal Data Protection. In any case, when the same businesses install a camera surveillance system, without meeting the legal criteria, sanctioning measures will be taken against them, respectively a fine will be imposed.

In this case, IPA calls on all controllers (public and private) who apply camera surveillance, to do so according to the criteria of Law no. 06 / L-082 on Personal Data Protection.