07 February 2022, Prishtina

Agency for Information and Privacy

On February 7, 2022, the Electronic Newspaper ‘Paparaci’ published an article entitled ‘Raiffeisen Bank sends Kosovars` Personal Data to Ukraine’, in which, among other things, it mentioned the Agency for Information and Privacy.

In order to accurately inform the public, the Agency clarifies that Raiffeisen Bank Kosovo has applied for the authorization at the Agency for Information and Privacy, as provided by Article 49 of Law No. 06/L-082 on Personal Data Protection.

According to the procedures for reviewing the request for authorization, the Agency has requested Raiffeisen Bank in Kosovo, in the capacity of personal data controller, to provide all evidence of meeting the criteria for international transfer of such data.

Despite the fact that the receiving state, in this case, Ukraine, is not among the states that provide adequate protection of personal data, for which, normally, there would be no need for a special authorization, upon completing all legal criteria, the Agency has issued to Raiffeisen Bank the relevant authorization for clients who give prior consent for such a transfer, thus fulfilling the condition under Article 49, paragraph 1, subparagraph 1.2 of the Law No. 06/L-082 on Personal Data Protection.

Through this announcement, the Agency clarifies to the public that this type of international transfer of personal data of Raiffeisen Bank Kosovo clients, who have given their consent, is in full compliance with the Law on Personal Data Protection and as such is not a concern for their privacy.