Organized by the US Embassy, a Workshop on Improving Access to Public Documents was held today

Under the auspices of the US Embassy, specifically with the Office of Overseas Prosecution Development, Assistance and Training, a workshop was held today to improve access to public documents. Part of the discussion panel was the Commissioner of the Agency for Information and Privacy, Mrs. Krenare Sogojeva-Dërmaku, and the Permanent Legal Adviser of the American Embassy, Mr. Michael Grant.

On the other hand, participants of this workshop were representatives of prosecutors and courts, as well as civil society. Therefore, an important part of this discussion was the challenges of civil society in accessing public documents, but also the challenges of institutions to provide access and the lack of internal regulations for the classification of documents. On this occasion, the Commissioner informed the participants about the work and organization of IPA, as well as the obligations arising for the institutions in question from the Law no. 06 / L-081 on Access to Public Documents, emphasizing the purpose of the Agency, which is the monitoring of this Law.

The Permanent Legal Adviser, Mr. Michael Grant, thanked the Commissioner for the clarifications provided and stressed that such workshops are very necessary to increase the cooperation of institutions with civil society, respectively with all citizens of the Republic of Kosovo.