Informative Roundtable on Freedom of Information and Privacy is held in Mitrovica

Mitrovica, May 08, 2023


In cooperation with the “Civikos” Platform, the Information and Privacy Agency organized today a roundtable discussion with the municipal officials and representatives of local non-governmental organizations operating in Mitrovica Region.

Mr. Jeton Arifi, Head of the Department for Access to Public Documents at the Information and Privacy Agency was invited to give a lecture regarding the areas covered by this Agency, and to answer questions of the attendees related to the discussion topics.

In addition to providing information about the legal framework and the scope of this authority, thanks to the interactive nature of this roundtable, the attendees had the opportunity to receive direct answers from the Agency representative regarding the rights of citizens to complain, either in cases where they claim that their privacy has been violated, or when they are denied access to documents produced or stored by any public institution.

The work of this roundtable, which is the second of this character thanks to the cooperation with “Civikos”, was evaluated as very useful by the present attendees. During the upcoming months, the cooperation of the Information and Privacy Agency with the “Civikos” Platform will bring a series of similar roundtables in other regions of Kosovo.