Informative meeting between the Information and Privacy Agency and representatives of the Regulatory Authority for Water Services

In order to raise the awareness of public institutions about the protection of personal data, the Commissioner for Information and Privacy, Mrs. Krenare Sogojeva Dermaku and the General Director of the Agency, Mrs. Lumnije Demi held a meeting with ARRU representatives, namely, Mrs. Hajrije Morina Director of ARRU, Mr. Abedin Azizi Deputy Director of ARRU, Mr. Bexhet Bala, Director of the Department for Legal Affairs and Licensing, and Mr. Ramiz Krasniqi Director of Dep. for Administration and Finance.
The meeting focused on the discussion on the protection of citizens’ personal data during the process of distributing invoices from regional water companies, as well as the drafting of Privacy Policies based on the legal criteria defined in the legislation in force.
In the meeting with the leaders of ARRU, the Commissioner also emphasized the necessity of appointing and training the Personal Data Protection Officer from the institutions that process personal data and that the security measures for the protection of personal data are proportional and do not harm the citizens.