Informational meeting between the Agency for Information and Privacy and the Regional Water Company “Gjakova”

In the framework of information activities with public enterprises, the Commissioner for Information and Privacy, Krenare Sogojeva Dermaku, and the General Director of the Agency, Lumnije Demi, held a meeting today with representatives of KRU Gjakova, Chief Executive Hasan Krasniqi, Chairman of the Board of Directors Urim Gashi as well as the Secretary of the Company Saranda Vehapi Baruti.
The meeting was organized with the aim of ensuring the protection of citizens’ personal data and the observance of security measures by the KRU Gjakova during the processing of consumer invoices.
The Commissioner requested from the KRU Gjakova the drafting of privacy policies and the drafting of internal legal regulations, which determine the manner of collection, processing and storage of personal data of citizens, as well as the appointment of the officer for the protection of personal data.