Information and Privacy Commissioner, panellist at the Conference organized by the Agency for Gender Equality on the topic “We dispel prejudices, we work for inclusion”

March 8, Prishtina

Through the presentation of personal experiences in career building, overcoming challenges, and their importance in the inclusion of political and institutional decision-making positions, the Information and Privacy Commissioner expressed her support towards women to ensure their professional advancement in capacity building in order for them to aim at these important positions.

Part of the Conference was Her Excellency Mrs. Osmani, His Excellency Mr. Kurti, and His Excellency Mr. Szunyog, who opened the conference by unveiling plans and ideas for the future regarding women’s empowerment. The conference consisted of 4 panels attended by representatives of the Legislature, Government, Diplomatic Missions, Public Administration and other Public Institutions.

Information and Privacy Commissioner, Mrs. Krenare Sogojeva Dermaku today participated in the organization of the American Chamber in Kosovo on the topic “Understanding of Personal Data Protection Legislation in Kosovo, as well as the Impact of the European Regulation on Personal Data Protection to the members of the American Chamber and the Business Community”

Today, beginning from 20:10 hrs., Mrs. Krenare Sogojeva Dermaku, the Information and Privacy Commissioner, will participate in the “TEMPUS” show on KTV on the topic “Challenges for Transparency and Protection of Privacy”.