AIP’s responsibility in providing information for the Kosovo Security Fund

The Agency for Information and Privacy (AIP) has accepted the request addressed for the de-classification of information to realize access to information about the amount of financial resources collected in the Kosovo Security Fund.
In the framework of the realization of its responsibilities and legal mandate, inter-institutional cooperation and cooperation with Non-Governmental Organizations, as important partners of the Agency in promoting transparency and accountability, the Information and Privacy Agency is in communication with the responsible institution regarding with the handling of the addressed request.
Based on the legal powers defined by Law No. 06/L-082 for the Protection of Personal Data and Law No. 06/L-081 on Access to Public Documents, the Agency does not have the authority to de-classify information classified by public institutions, but can only initiate the procedure for de-classification, as defined by Article 28 of the Law No. 06/L-081 for Access to Public Documents, which expressly provides that “The Agency is also competent to initiate the procedure for the declassification of classified documents.”
The Agency for Information and Privacy remains committed to strengthening transparency and accountability in the Institutions of Kosovo, namely the realization of the right to access information and the protection of personal data of the citizens of the Republic of Kosovo.