Every person has the right of access to public documents in the same and equal way.

Every person has the right to access public documents upon request. This request can be made in writing, electronically or orally.

When the request is made orally by the requesting person, the official of the public institution responsible for access to public documents is obliged to draft the written request for further proceeding.

Any person who makes a request for access to public documents is not obliged to provide reasons for the use of public documents in order to be granted access to public documents and is entitled to remain anonymous in relation to third parties.

Restriction of this right shall be done only in limited and specific cases determined by the legislation in force.

The public institution, at the moment of registering the request, is obliged to issue a decision to allow access to the requested document, or to issue a reasoned decision for full or partial rejection, within a period of seven (7) days, and must inform you about the remedies that you can use to complain.

Any person who thinks that the rights guaranteed by the Law on Access to Public Documents have been violated, is entitled to file a complaint with the Information and Privacy Agency within fifteen (15) days from the day when the public institution has completely or partially refused the request, or even when it remained silent and did not provide an answer.