About three hundred civil servants are trained from the Information and Privacy Agency and Civil Society

As part of the very fruitful cooperation between  Information and Privacy Agency and the German Organization for International Cooperation “GIZ”, about three hundred officials from the public and private sectors have dealt with.

Training was divided into two modules: practical application of the law on access to public documents and practical application of the law on protection of personal data.

Persons engaged by the Commissioner of the Agency for Information and Privacy in the development of these training modules are appointed officials of the Agency who provided participants all necessary knowledge about obligations and responsibilities of public servants in accordance to the Law on Access to Public Documents, importance of self-initiative restrictions on access to public documents, deadlines foreseen by law,  obligation of institutions to report, etc. Also, in connection to the implementation of the Law on Protection of Personal Data, participants were introduced to the criteria for lawful processing of personal data by public and private controllers, data processing principles, security criteria and measures, competencies and tasks of the Agency as supervisory institution  in order to be fulfilled for the international transfer of personal data, the rights of the subject, restrictions and exclusions for access to personal data, processing criteria through the camera surveillance system, biometric data processing, etc.

The specificity of this training cycle was the engagement of civil society representatives, as co-trainers, where they presented their views on access to public documents from the perspective of applicants, as well as their perspective in relation to the processing of personal data, media privacy issues, media managers relating to the privacy,  responsibilities of the mechanisms’ that monitor functioning of the media and their role, as well treatment of some practical cases of how the media have access to the right to privacy and public information.

Participants in these one-day trainings, at the end of the training will receive relevant certificates for participation in the training.