The Information and Privacy Agency starts the cycle of workshops for the implementation of the Personal Data Protection Law in the regions of Kosovo

Commissioner for Information and Privacy, Mrs. Krenare Sogojeva Dërmaku, in cooperation with the OSCE, officially launched the cycle of workshops for the practical implementation of the Law on the Protection of Personal Data in Kosovo. The activities started with a workshop in the Prizren region, where representatives of public and private nurseries participated, as well as the Director of Education in the Municipality of Prizren, Mrs. Luljeta Veselaj-Gutaj together with officials of the Municipal Directorate of Education.
In order to discuss the responsibilities of these institutions, the Commissioner emphasized the importance of respecting the privacy and integrity rights of children, especially during the collection and processing of sensitive data such as children’s personal data.
This initiative serves as an important step towards a stronger privacy protection framework in the country and reflects the commitment of the Agency and its partners in building and maintaining a safe society for all citizens.